Monday, December 15, 2008

WIth pizza power comes pizza responsibility

Just like the trees on the edge of a river bend, lift up their branches to the sun above, we spend our lifetime reaching for a pizza because everyone needs a pizza to love. This is a blog about fidelity. About constancy. As I write this, there is a war in the middle east, a complete cultural collapse in the wake of a major national financial crisis, and a future rife with uncertainty. As awful as that all sounds, we can not lose our head. In my heart of hearts, I believe pizza can fix anything. Of course not literally (I am not an idiot) but if I hit a lot of horses with my car, the owners of those horses would surely be considerably less upset after eating pizza. But I digress. This blog is a pizzareality out of a pizzafantasy in a pizzadream. We will bring exciting pizza news, plenty of slice reviews, and all sorts of insider pizza info you might not find out anywhere else (hint: pizza is fantastic). So kick back, enjoy a slice, and pizza.